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Arsenal (1) vs (3) Rennes (2nd Leg) - Thursday 14th March, 2019

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Arsenal starting again well here. Going through as it stands but probably need a 3rd to feel more comfortable. Rennes only need a goal as it stands to go through. 

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2 minutes ago, Chaaay AFC said:

Pretty happy with the turn around and to do it so early. Eased off after the second we look happy to let Rennes on to us and we look dangerous on the break.

Ramsey with another masterclass in the middle, what a player.

Dangerous to let Rennes come on to you though. They literally only need one opportunity if you don't score again. 

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For all of Aubameyang's technical deficiencies you can't deny he is a incredible goal getter. I don't think he is in the elite category but he does know how to find the back of the net. 

I really liked Emery's changes to bring on Mkhi and Iwobi, made us more solid defensively and it's what ultimately killed the game with the third. We could have easily had a couple more especially the chance Ramsey put on a plate for Auba. Also with how crap Özil and Lacazette were it actually gave us something.

We was easily the better team for 3/4 of this tie, only reason Rennes were in this game was due to Sokratis' boneheaded play in the first leg. Glad we dumped them out, they were so fucking pathetic today, going down over the tiniest of contacts. They constantly surrounded the ref and were just begging for us to get another red. Honestly the second goal being offside and Lacazette being allowed to play this one makes it even sweeter.

Also shout out to big mouth Ben Arfa, absolute weapon and Emery served you up another L in your waste of a career.

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