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Smaller Goals and Pitches For Women's Football

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5 hours ago, José said:

Smaller pitches and post :dam: they need to be held responsible for creating their own revenue and that should fund their resources. They want special treatment AND still mooch off the man's money. Fuxk outta here 

I've seen you mention before that womens football is "a waste of time and money". Do you honestly only view them as sex tools? always talking about how they are hoes and whatnot... you are a scum of a human being as you continue to prove time and time again.

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Just fine the way it is nothing really needs to change here. The defensive lapses leading to the 13 - 0 thrashing that Thailand got from the US is just a better and richer footballing history in Women's Football versus a country that is competing against that nothing more.

As for the other claim that height is such a big factor lets go back two WCs and talk about Ayumi Kaihori (GK/Player of the Match) and Norio Sasaki (Manager), one who is 5'7" and the other who worked out the tactical requirement to make Japan win that WC against a team that was averaging a taller median. It's not always about having a physical advantage over you opponent and is more about how you setup your teams and utilize the players at your disposal to win games.

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