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SSD Palermo - All Circus News and Discussion

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Truely a circus here. 

They have been ran into the ground and were forced to restart with a new 'team' called SSD Palermo, and begin playing in Serie D. Here is a reivew of their history. 


1900; 119 years ago (Anglo Palermitan Athletic and Football Club)
1920; 99 years ago (US Palermo)
1941; 78 years ago (US Palermo-Juventina)
1987; 32 years ago (US Palermo)
2019; 0 years ago (SSD Palermo)

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I know the re-design was before this takeover but why did they need to mess with the previous badge to some overly-simplified soulless thing that looks like it was made with those free business logo creator websites. 

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