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Why are the Welsh and Irish leagues so weak?

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This may be something that @Bluebird Hewitt and @Panna King may have a bit of knowledge on.

Why are the Welsh and two Irish leagues so weak? You wouldn't expect either to be particularly strong but they are behind countries such as Malta and Luxembourg in the coaficient rankings.

Is it because anyone who is half decent goes to England? 

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Do the Irish care? They have Hurling, Gaelic football and Rugby to worry about. I'm afraid that is too much competition for football for it to have space to grow. The few who become great players there have no incentive to stay since the salaries in England and Scotland can't be matched. Just by playing in the English system alone, I assume you are more exposed to scouts and can hope for a better future contract.

The biggest clubs in Wales were formed before there was an Welsh league. TNS have a small fan base and their stadium can only hold 2k fans and this is the club that have been winning the Welsh league for so long now. Meanwhile clubs like Merthyr Town or Wrexham got room for 10k+ despite playing in National League. Some others have gone back to the Welsh system mainly because they dropped to the lowest tiers and had no hope of promotion in a foreseeable future. As long as these Welsh clubs keep playing in the National League or higher, they still get some TV money which is one incentive I suppose.

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First and foremost let's ask ourselves the question of is the sport of football the main sport and also the fact they have the English and Scottish game which is totally established.

Aside from that primary factor then it's all about money, money comes in from the prestige the league has and then the lack of competition. 

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38 minutes ago, Machado said:

Do the Irish care? They have Hurling, Gaelic football and Rugby to worry about.

I think the Irish are a bit like Australia & New Zealand, in Australia Rugby (League & Union) Cricket and Australian Rules Football come before football and in New Zealand they have Rugby & Cricket that comes before football, then you can put America in that category as Grid Iron Football, Baseball and even ice-hockey and basketball comes before football or soccer as they call it. 

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