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Matchday 1 (Group B) - Tuesday 12th September

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  • The title was changed to Matchday 1 (Group B) - Tuesday 12th September
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38 minutes ago, Inverted said:

Lots of talks in the papers and online with non-Celtic fans predicting an upset or whatever nonsense. Clearly they haven't seen how pants-shittingly good PSG have been so far this season.

A draw would be an incredible achievement. 

anything less than 7-0 loss would be an achievement :ph34r: 

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What happens when the most in-form team in Europe plays its best and puts away all their chances against Mikael Lustig at CB. Hopefully they either do the same to Anderlecht, or it doesn't come to GD for 3rd place.

Otherwise, there aren't any real consequences, except for ladz down south practically weeing their pants in the rush to wheel out the "my nan" patter.

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Ralston on playing dirty - "It's what you need to do against those types of players; let them know early that they're in a game."

PSG won 5-0. I think they knew they were in a game. Celtic didn't seem to know what sport the game was in.

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3 minutes ago, FOYM said:

Say all you want about them as a club, but as a team PSG are a pleasure to watch.

They've played about what, maybe 5 games so far this season? Think the highest level of quality they have faced in those 5 games were about the level of Swansea

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