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Selhurst Park To Get £100m Makeover

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Crystal Palace's chairman has unveiled plans to increase Selhurst Park's capacity to more than 34,000.

Steve Parish said the expansion, expected to cost between £75m-£100m, would be an "icon" for south London.

The full revamp is expected to take three years to complete, and work could begin "within 12 months".

KSS, the architects behind the project, have previously redeveloped sporting venues including Anfield, Twickenham and Wimbledon.

The club had looked at moving away from Selhurst Park, however Parish said this option "wasn't viable".

Instead, Crystal Palace will now look to revamp the current stadium in south London - which currently has a capacity of 25,456.

The "centrepiece" of the proposal is a new five-storey Main Stand.

If given the go-ahead the project will follow a similar route as to how Liverpool FC redeveloped Anfield - meaning the Main Stand will remain in "full operation use" throughout construction.






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1 hour ago, Smiley Culture said:

Palace have announced plans for a new stadium. 




Premier League basement boys Crystal Palace today released plans for a massive revamp of its Selhurst Park stadium.

Costing between £75m and £100m, the club wants to hike home capacity from 24,000 to more than 34,000 and wrap the ground in glass – paying homage to the historic 1851 Great Exhibition.

A new stand is to be built with a capacity of 13,500, of which 10,700 will be general admission seats.

Chairman Steve Parish said the club had reviewed a number of options to ready the club for a "new era". These included a return to the original Crystal Palace site, which he asserted "wasn't viable".

"While we can't go back to it, we can build a new one," he said.

Plans are to be submitted to Croydon Council in January and if authorities give them the green light the club hopes work will begin in the next 12 months. Crystal Palace has estimated the transformation will take up to three years to complete.

Selhurst Park's main stand will remain in full use throughout the overhaul and the pitch size will be increased to ensure it meets UEFA regulations – opening the door to hosting tournament football.

The amount of lucrative corporate hospitality will be increased with premium facilities for more than 2,500 people once the work is done.





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58 minutes ago, Smiley Culture said:

That space ship is gunna look well out of place in South East London. 


The fact they haven't taken in to consideration the housing boxing the whole stadium in and theyve created a load of random parking space gives the images no credibility at all. Speaking of the images, why are there trees in the image? Selhurst, South Norwood and Thornton Heath haven't seen the colour green since JFK was president. 

That stand is going to look so out of place next to the other two shit stands too.

I guess it's a move in the right direction even if it's five years too late. Hopefully they'll focus on the academy again soon. The fact they've trained at goals whilst we've been a premiership club is embarrassing.

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I like it and especially the inside which is what counts. The stands remain being grandstands on the whole with that arched major stand like what Atlético Madrid have done in their new Metropolitano Stadium... Infact that major stand is identical in its design with the only difference being the size.  It’s a great idea and good architecture because it’s the only way to enter the new era of stadia but managing to maintain old established football stadia traditions. 

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16 hours ago, FOYM said:

Why not make it 40k? Would they not fill that? 

The pictures look superb though.

We only got around 24,000 from Stoke which is what we were averaging in the first half of our promotion season. Our supports no where near as good as it's been hyped up to be.

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