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Thursday 15th February - Ostersunds 0-3 Arsenal (1st Leg)

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I don't want to take the mick out of the club were playing (haven't bothered to write the name down) because this surely is just one of the moments in the path to trying to get to the proper final stages of this competition.  I really want us to win this because for me it is and always has been a serious competition and something Arsenal FC need because our European history is almost nonsense in the grand scheme of things.  Europe is what makes you big and this is a European honour!

My only issue with a hypothetical victory in the Europa League (UEFA CUP) is that it could mix the Wenger scope in unintelligent people's minds.  Aside from that... Let's see if we can carry forward to meeting the juicy teams later on.

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Not a situation that we'll come out with much credit really but a situation where we could receive a lot of criticism if we mess up. Don't know much about Ostersunds but if they've got through their group they can't be totally hopeless. We're shit away from home and the conditions aren't one we'd be used to. Just need to get the win and get the fuck out.

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