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Football League 2017/18 - 20-21st February, 2018

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all kick-offs 19.45 unless stated

Tuesday 20th February, 2018
Aston Villa vs Preston
Barnsley vs Burton
Bolton vs Sunderland, 20.00
Brentford vs Birmingham
Middlesbrough vs Hull
Nottm Forest vs Reading
Sheff Utd vs QPR

League One
Fleetwood vs Portsmouth
Shrewsbury vs Gillingham

League Two
Barnet vs Carlisle, 20.00
Cambridge vs Notts County
Crewe vs Exeter

Wednesday 21st February, 2018
Bristol City vs Fulham
Derby vs Leeds
Ipswich vs Cardiff
Wolves vs Norwich

League One
Rochdale vs MK Dons


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Brentford go two up, Reading have taken the lead against Forest and Preston have taken the lead against Villa in one of today's major games.

Eventful end to the first half at 'Boro with goals from Evandro and Bamford, whilst Barnsley's new Manager is having a nightmare as they're now two down against Burton.

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It’s awful again we’ve reverted to type under Bruce. Grealish is why we won 7 on the spin he’s out and it’s back to lump it to hogan mike Bassett style bollocks that only works on teams placed below 8th in this league. Also Onomah is utter gash but Bruce evidently is taking a devil may care attitude to automatic promotion because he insists on trying to polish a turd with the final 1/3 of the season upon us. 

Ive been calling this for 12 months now it’s so depressing, it’s literally like watching a car crash in slow motion 

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7 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

What's the feeling around Villa Park regarding Bruce mate? Obviously you want him gone but is that a common census among the Villa faithful?

Currently the vast majority of villa fans are being spastics who believe that because he’s won 7 on the bounce he’s beyond criticism.

Before that they were for his head. This group are currently shouting down the core who say similar to me, they’ll join us with another bad result. It’s just mob mentality. 

The more astute fan says what I say, he’s limited he holds us back and there’s no plan B which gets found out against a top 8 team. Just look at our results we’d not beaten a top team till Bristol. A half decent manager could have this squad on Wolves heels but alas no we’re parking the bus at home v Preston and pumping it to Hogan because the 18 odd games in which we’ve done that already this season to no avail aren’t enough for a conclusive decision that it doesn’t work.

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3 hours ago, The Palace Fan said:

Four for Brentford now. Dean Smith is showing what can happen if you don't sack somebody after a couple of bad results.

Gestede scores again too. Hull are in trouble.

Check the statistacs. Sacking Dean at any point this season would have been utter madness, complete madness.

Ive said someone is due an absolute tonking from us and it couldn't have happened against anyone other than Brum. Ten times better Harlee 😂 Ollie Watkins with two well needed goals, another goal for Maupay and one for Jozefszoon who has carried us a bit in recent weeks.

I don't hold a grudge against players leaving, it's our business model and it's how we improve. But the grass ain't always greener even if you're getting £20k-£30k more a week now, I think Dean will have wished he hadn't said Brum were ten times better than our play off side as by default they have to be ten times better than we are now...perfect ammunition to put 5 past them

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