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Bundesliga 2017/18 - Matchday 25 - 2-4th March, 2018

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Just now, Viva la FCB said:

You'll have to let me know how he looks! Cant watch much this weekend ¬¬

Quite handsome, but too young for me :ph34r:

Hehe, will do! 

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3 minutes ago, Bluewolf said:

That's it... stay like that and I will be a happy man... 

i'd much prefer another Bremen goal and then it to stay like that. 

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2 minutes ago, Faithcore said:

Well done, Bremen!

Johansson seems to be a decent bundesliga striker after all?

Absolutely, now that he's fully recovered from injuries and is getting some trust from the coaching team, he's starting to show his potential. Works his arse off too.

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