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Group A Matchday 2 - 19/20 June - Russia 3-0 Egypt, Uruguay 1-0 Saudi Arabia

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6 hours ago, Devon Von Devon said:

If Salah plays and Egypt defend the way they did against Uruguay than there's no way Russia should be getting three points here.

I agree here. I think they have a midfield that looks a bit neutered because they had no outlets on either side. For the most part when they tried to create something the front-men were not able to hold the ball long enough for help to arrive. That will change if Salah comes on because they can then start playing longer balls out from the back since they have someone with speed to pick them up further up the pitch.

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  • Administrator
2 minutes ago, Devon Von Devon said:

When i was younger everyone said i looked like Shah Rukh Khan should i change my name too :ph34r:

not if I were you given the way he looks now. far too much botox xD 

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  • Administrator

Russia doing well to nullify Salah so far. Not giving him much space to run in to and getting players around him quickly, being a bit more physical with him. Zhirkov nearly cleaned him out earlier.

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4 minutes ago, Eco said:

Christ, what ever happened to him. I swear he went to China and I haven't seen/heard from him since. 

He got transformed after getting a red card and rumors has it he is being held in a secret place for lab testings.

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