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In An Alternative Universe...

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I was happy to see him given the job but in hindsight it's a good job he blew it. I don't think he'd have had people behind the team like Southgate has.

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I think the bravery Southgate has shown with youth and selecting more unconventional players should be praised to the maximum come what may!

It’s decisions loke those that revolutionise a football mindset. He was part of the youth setups for England and it’s no surprise that international coaches (even cases like these at clubs) that have gone up the ranks relatively quietly but firmly end up doing an important job. I could make references to other football teams where this has changed fortunes, but there’s no need because those that follow football closely from border to border will know that this is the case.

A lot has to be also said that the work started off quite a number of years back when the mentality was changed at grass roots and now the fruits of labour are evident for all to see... And there’s much better to come!

This is why when Italy failed to qualify (not including Holland because they needed a hierarchical change and not so much how they produce) I expected a big revolution at grassroots and the mentality to finally change... There’s been many calls for this but the overpowering strength of some past greats seem to have drowned out the dissent.

Southgate has the characteristics of one of those that don’t need to shout ans dictate too much to show he is more than just a smart cookie when it comes to knowing what’s needed.  I just hope that this all important tenure of his isn’t forgotten as fundamental if in the case of future change and failing to end up totally victorious passes by. 

Allardyce would’ve been a disaster and just another way to stunt advancement. 

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