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Antonio Sanabria - Linked With West Ham

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27 minutes ago, The Palace Fan said:

We're open to offers.

Interesting - personally think we'd be mad to sell him, he's crucial to the forum, one of those posters you don't realise what you had until you've moved them on. Hopefully management reconsider 

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TFF need to sign Teso down to a new contract. His posts particularly over the last month have been 10/10.

Teso's profile has 7870 profile views haha. You try to hate him but you just can't keep him out of the limelight. He's the Floyd Mayweather of TFF.. I'd imagine @Blue is around 2000 of them views. Stalker.

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3 minutes ago, Rick said:

Can I vote for a indefinite suspension for Teso, Marc & Storts? I can't deal with this 'bromance' any more.

put them on ignore if you don't wanna see their posts.

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4 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

Just had a quick scan in the AdminCP and they are the most "ignored" accounts we have. 

As Stan says, just follow suit and set them to ignore too. 


know your place. #adminpower #powerhungry

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