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There will have been some form of “cheating” in the game for as long as the game has been played, we’re, largely, too young to be able to discuss what the type of “cheating” was in say the 70’s-80’s but I’m certain there was probably some element of cheating going on.

I don’t believe that cheating come into English Football in the late 80’s-early days of the Premier League when foreign players become a more prominent part of our game and I think if people do believe that, they’re naive. 

I’m digressing a little bit from the question in the OP but IMO, the introduction of VAR or anything else isn’t going to stop the underhand play, cheating, simulation or whatever else in Football. It’s existed in one form or another for many years and will continue to do so. 

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Cheating has been around forever.  It's just misconceptions and that age old sentiment of righteousness that clouds our minds.  What's for sure is that cheating isn't seen in the same manner on the continent and elsewhere... It's seen as cheating (italics) depending on the crime.

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8 hours ago, Cannabis said:

Where there is a will to win there is a will to cheat. 

People can get high and mighty about it but everyone would support it in their favour. Anyone that gets offended about a dive, a rough tackle and handball etc. from their own team is living in a different universe. 

I hate diving full stop. The others not so much. Actually love me a bit of a rough tackle and big collision. More violence, less diving I say.

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