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Crystal Palace 1-2 Brighton - Saturday 9th March, 2019

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Kick-off 12.30pm

Live on Sky Sports

821px-Crystal_Palace_FC_logo.svg.png     VS     1200px-Brighton_&_Hove_Albion_logo.svg.p

Head to Head
Brighton 3-1 Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace 3-2 Brighton
Brighton 2-1 Crystal Palace (FA Cup)
Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace
Brighton 0-2 Crystal Palace (Championship)

Recent Form
Crystal Palace - WLWWD
Brighton - WLWLW

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10 minutes ago, Smiley Culture said:

If James Tomkins spent less time being a flash Essex bellend seeking everyone’s attention and spent more time working on his career, he might manage to control a ball better. 

You're not a fan of Tomkins then? xD

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1 hour ago, Danny said:

You're not a fan of Tomkins then? xD

Used to see him out a lot when he was at West Ham and he was the stereotypical footballer. Flash, loud, all over women and throwing money around like it was confetti at a time when West Ham were struggling in the Premier League. He just never struck me as possessing a brain, let alone a brain cell. 

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  • The title was changed to Crystal Palace 1-2 Brighton - Saturday 9th March, 2019

Im pleased to report that James Tomkins has matured and is fine at Crystal Palace.

Not really fussed about the outcome of this game. Yeah the bragging rights is fun but this game will not define our season. Given the fixture running this was a much bigger game for Brighton. 

My biggest complaint is our mentality as a team is poor. We get comfortable after a game and this leads to complacency. Since November our form has literally been good result, bad result, good result, bad result. I genuinely don't think we've won two games in a row all season.

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8 hours ago, LFCMike said:

Should Hodgson be under more pressure at Palace given some of players at his disposal?

Ignoring the FA Cup run which I hope is our priority, I think he's earned the right to see where we finish this season. If we finish 13th/14th that's not a bad season but it's definitely not a good season. I imagine our wage bill is somewhere between 9th and 11th in the league, and given the quality of the starting 11 we should now be expecting a top half finish from next season given the time Roy has had to work with this team.

I'm delighted we've worn off the tag of a club that replaces a manager quickly but I will be surprised if Roy is not scrutinised more next season given the time he's had to work with these players.

Fans are pretty annoyed this season. The cheapest season ticket has seen £48 per point and £53 per goal this season. God knows what the average person has paid. It's all a little demoralising in that aspect.

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