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Will Bayern sack Nico Kovac even if he wins the double?

Will Bayern sack Nico Kovac even if he wins the double?   

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  1. 1. Is Nico Kovac a goner?

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There are a lot of rumours in the press that his sacking is already decided. Also a lot of speculation about his probable predecessor, with names like Erik ten Hag, José Mourinho etc. 

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Don't think he's ready for a job like Bayern.

Making mistakes is acceptable and even to be expected from a younger manager but there's not really much to be excited about from his Bayern.

They limped out of Europe pathetically against Liverpool. They're arguably the 2nd best team in Europe rn so alright you can't expect to beat them, but at no point did they look close to even troubling them. 

And the level in the Bundesliga rn is quite poor, and the squad can essentially win the double on auto-pilot, which they most likely will. 

Bayern managers get judged on Europe, and on the quality of the football, because no matter what, Bayern are quality-wise incomparable with the rest of the Bundesliga. Kovac comes out looking quite bad in both respects. 

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