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Your favourite names

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Jocelyn is a name that I really like. Apollonia is another. Dhanashree as well. 


Of the boy names, I only like Albie. I even used it as a teenager during my Yahoo Pool/ Yahoo chat days, pretending to be a Scottish lad while catfishing bored US army wives and getting them to flash on webcam. It's amazing how much you can achieve with a fake British accent. 


EDIT: In my defence, I was a fourteen year old virgin boy. 

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For girls - Zara/Xara, Aliya, Maya, Arya, Aurelia, Isla, Mia, Grace, Zoe. Just realised how many of those end in 'a'...the first few I'd like to choose if I ever have a daughter.

For boys - Rohan, Rishi, Aarav, Kishan, Jai, Aryan. The first 3 are taken up by other family members so unlikely I'd get to have those as my kids' names but still like them. 

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