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God is Haaland

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  1. Haaland is the fastest player in the Bundesliga ever recorded.

    1. Khan of TF365

      Khan of TF365

      The speedometer must have mistaken him for someone else

    2. It's Coming Home!
    3. God is Haaland
  2. Werner and Meunier suffer from COVID-19-induced brain damage.



    1. Mel81x


      He's only getting better. I think Bayern will get him when Lewa decides to step away. What a record.

    2. Tommy


      He'll be gone next season anyway. 

  4. 1-3: Liverpool, Everton, City

    4: Arsenal

  5. Next season you're in the knockout stage of the CL and this is coming at you:



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    2. Tommy


      Ah yes, 159838842936.png 

    3. CaaC (John)
    4. Stan


      I've always feared 159838842936.png  :( 

      Maybe we'll get knocked out the CL because of it HAHAHAH AMIRITE

  6. Teso's now active on youtube.


    1. Khan of TF365

      Khan of TF365

      Why did he choose to impersonate a Bollywood actor ?

  7. Geeeeeeeeeeeee, I really DO wonder who's going to be Premier League Manager of the Month(Jan)......

  8. Write "ok" if you masturbate to old men cross dressing as anime girls.

    1. Khan of TF365
    2. Tommy
    3. It's Coming Home!

      It's Coming Home!

      I fingered some old mans ass dressed as a Anime girl.

  9. What happened to Vettel groupie and Liverpool supporter Cannabis?

  10. 1. Bayern will replace Kovac with Wenger

    2. Bayern will finish 4th

    3. Memes

  11. MAtS has been the best gk in the world for about a year.(links related)



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    2. God is Haaland

      God is Haaland

      Because they are a bunch of Weiswurst-sucking, Obertster- and Weisbier-addicted, Lederhosen-wearing Bav(/b)arians.

    3. SirBalon


      Haha... All I know is that practically everyone was in favour of Neuer getting his place back after his long term injury and with Ter Stegen having had an amazing individual season.  But Löw will get the blame for that too even though everyone was in favour.

    4. SirBalon


      @BartraPique1932 go here and vent your opinion;


  12. Almost as good as Neuer.

  13. Fifa should pixelate Löw or cover him with a big black rectangle.


    1. Spike


      Just shoot him out of a cannon.

    2. Eco


      Don't worry, he's heading home now so you won't have to see him again. :ay:

  14. Look at this goal, lads: https://streamja.com/y3jm

    1. Bluewolf


      That is a class goal it has to be said.. great build up and lovely finish

    2. Spike


      A fullback as well.

    3. Spike


      I always thought Jonas Hector was Spanish.

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