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Stan's PL Prediction League - Week 15 Table

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A huge scoring week across the board following the mid-week round of fixtures. All players getting scores of 10 or more with the highest (18) coming from 4 players - @Storts @LFCMike @JONO and @Pyfish. The first of those continuing his charge up the table and now lies in 5th. @RandoEFC and @...Dan also scored well with 17 points.

@CaaC (John) scored 10 but was the only one to predict a Newcastle victory.

The top 2 are still inseparable - @Batard and @Lucas both score 15 points. 

19-20 15.PNG

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5 minutes ago, IgnisExcubitor said:

Hey @Stan I have been busy and so missed couple of gameweeks, and will continue to be busy, so I might not be able to regularly contribute. Sorry for that. You can take me out of the list. 

Ah no worries mate. You can always join up and predict again when you have time, will keep your score but take you out :)


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