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Luke Shaw - Leicester City

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12 hours ago, Cicero said:

I genuinely hope we don’t go after Chilwell given what he’s priced at 

How much have you heard? I actually think I'd take a big offer for him*. I think he's replaceable.

* Providing we don't replace him with fucking Shaw. If we sell him, and make the Champions League, I want us in for someone like Grimaldo.

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The only real links of late for us have been left back alternatives if we sell Chilwell, which I don't think we will this month, but I've heard from more than a couple of sources that he's had his head turned, as has Maddison - I just wonder who by.

The other link coming up tonight is Ryan Bertrand. To me that's another ridiculous idea of a signing, he's 30 years old for fuck sake and gets a game for Southampton, so there's no reason for Southampton to want to sell him - he'd probably therefore cost us about £25mil and what a stupid investment that would be at his age. I don't mind him as a player but it would be stupid.

I would sell Chilwell to Chelsea in the summer. I think we can get over the odds for him like we did Maguire. I rate him as a steady left back in the Premier League, but far from the finished article yet. Playing for England means you get overhyped by default. It's the same reason we got so much for Maguire. Does being better than Danny Rose and Luke Shaw in this day and age equal being worth seventy odd million? Not in my eyes but if that's what we're going to be offered then I think we've got to take it. I would be sad to see him go as he's the best thing out of our academy probably since I've been following, but you can't let that blight common sense and everybody has their price.

Maddison I think would be a lot harder to replace if we were not able to get Grealish. I think they're a very similar level - both excellent talents with a genuine flair about their game. Manchester United wanting Bruno Fernandes has made me wonder if we will actually lose Maddison after all - I wonder if Tottenham fancy him but he just doesn't strike me as a Mourinho type.

I can deal with Leicester losing players - providing we continue to invest it in players like Ricardo, Soyuncu, Tielemans, Maddison etc... because that way, we will only get better. Do not fuck it up by signing duds like Shaw.

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