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Where is my team ?!

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Well the real reason is probably because that's who all my friends at shcool supported so you just kind of go along with the group sometimes don't you ? Also had Paul Sturrock's video shop a few hundred yards from my house back in the day. But then Keith Wright of Dundee lived a few hundred yards the other way so I dunno haha

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Nice to have another Jock aboard @FootballFrenzied from another Jock here in Edinburgh and also a Gers supporter up here in the land of the Haggis, keep the posts rolling in, @ScoRoss is another Dons man here in TF365 so he just might look after you. :ay: 

Edit: Just saw you are not a Don supporter but Dundee United? not a problem, keep posting, your Terrors are running away with the title in the Scottish Champ Division so you will be back with the big boys again next season. :D 

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