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Nolito - English Weather Has Made My Daughter Look Like Cave Dweller

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Manchester City forward Nolito says his "daughter's face has changed colour" because of the English weather in the 11 months since he signed for the club.

Nolito, 30, has made just nine Premier League starts since joining City for £13.8m from Celta Vigo last July.

He has struggled to adapt to life in England and said he wanted to leave.

"I've learnt little English. It's hard. Just 'tomorrow', 'good morning', 'good afternoon' and a little more," Nolito told radio station El Transistor.

He added: "My daughter's face has changed colour - it looks like she's been living in a cave."

Nolito, who signed a four-year contract with City last summer, has scored six goals in 30 games in all competitions, but his last Premier League start was a 3-0 win away at Hull City on 26 December.

"I am under the contract, so the club will decide, but I want to leave," he said.




No mate, that sounds like Iron deficiency.

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1 minute ago, Spike said:

Kin hell, :dam:I mixed up east and west again. I even specifically thought about it. Lomg day at work

Do you not know the difference between left and right?


I smell hypocrisy :ph34r:

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4 minutes ago, Spike said:

You guys can get wrekt, I'm eating my vegemite toast and sharing none of it.

That's disgusting and worthy of a warning.  Don't tell me you like that muck Marmite too?

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3 minutes ago, True Bender said:

And it made you look like some greasy, pocket-picking latino dwarf.

Oh yeah...  I forgot about one of your sausage eating brüder on the other site reminding us that Latinos steal wallets! :banana:

Here you go mate...


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2 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

Nolito wants to leave because his daughters face has changed and Yaya wants to leave because they didn't get him a birthday cake. 

What do they put in the water at City?!

Maybe Nolito's daughter ate all of Yaya's birthday cake and is actually not suffering from sunlight deficiency, but actually is suffering from a sugar overdose.  It also explains how she's a latino because she went and stole Yaya's cake! >:(

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