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Serie A Match Day 1

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10 hours ago, ScoRoss said:

Luckily for Inter, not sure Fiorentina actually have any players left for tomorrow's game.

Inter has lost the same number of players. No players that I admire though so no big deal. Now that I'm thinking of it... there is not a single player in our roster that gains my respect.  except Handa only.

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21 minutes ago, Dalmore said:

funny thing is that next week Candreva might be a Chelsea player and Perisic a Red Devil.

hope not because this has been great to watch. the quick transition and aggression is just how i lik eut 

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oh something I just noticed.  One more season that Belotti stays at Torino?@! Seriously, Belotti and Icardi are not just the best strikers of Serie A but they're also two of the greatest strikers in the world at the moment. How can Belotti still play in Torino?!?!

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5 minutes ago, Stan said:

Well that escalated quickly. 

Everything okay at home? 

Sorry son, I'm under a lot of stress at the call centre. Praise Ganesh , we can playsome cricket when I get home and afterwards I'll make some massala, tah

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