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Week 6 Table

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A very strong week had by all and @Dan will be kicking himself for not predicting as he drops several places down the league. Imagine where he'd be if he did predict...


Credit to @RandoEFC - despite Man City being free-scoring and Palace not being able to get the ball in the back of the net, he was the only one to predict 5-0. 

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Obviously, I kid. 

@Dan had an absolute blinder. Blown everyone out the water with 33 points. 10 out of 10 outcomes correct and 5 perfect scores which means he gets the 7 point bonus on top of his score. Propels him all the way to the top of the pack. The day @Lucas catches @Pep Talk up and he's not even joint top any more!


Well played, mate. 

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24 minutes ago, Batard said:

I had Three perfect scores, only second to Dan. Considering how awful I’m usually at this, I’m giving myself a shout out here. 33 points though. What a whooping. Hope he had some bets on there.

think on another forum he said he put bets on but not for the same results/outcomes as on here so ended up losing xD 

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18 minutes ago, Teso dos Bichos said:

only correct prediciton i got was LCFC vs Liverpool 😂😂

a good one at that as it's not a popular scoreline. as of end of 2013/14 season, 2-3 away win only happened 1.8% of the time since 1888 out of all top 4 divisions. 

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xD as Stan rightly says, I lost every single bet I made. It's just typical.

I'd told my Dad all day Liverpool would beat us 2-3 and it played on my mind when Vardy stepped up for that penalty. Knew he'd miss.

Just a mad week of predictions for me really. Even the Chelsea and Man City games were on course for a perfect score with about 10 to go.

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