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92% of Iraqi Kurds vote "Yes" to Kurdistan

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So... anyone else think this is the start of a new war in the Middle East? Iraq, Iran, and Turkey all have no interest in Kurdistan existing. Israel, however, does. Syria's probably split on it - ISIS and Assad definitely don't want an independent country for Kurds, the Syrian Kurds probably think this is a great idea.



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6 hours ago, Fairy In Boots said:

If we let them all get on with it they're going to just establish borders along ethnic & tribal lines after a procession of wars anyway. It's our post war partitioning of the Ottoman Empire that's created this mess. 

I doubt oil rich countries are going to be happy to give up land to minorities they've persecuted.

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I don't see it happening beyond whatever de facto independence they can secure in the current circumstances, which are fairly extraordinary. 

Its kind of like a middle-eastern equivalent of Poland - a nation split among several larger powers who are willing to put aside differences and cooperate to keep their shares.

And the only way Poland got lasting independence was the disintegration of the Russian Empire, then Austria Hungary, then Germany being completely crushed in 1945, and then the USSR splitting-up. 

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