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Liam Miller Dies After Losing Battle With Pancreatic Cancer

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Wasn't sure where to post this but given his time at Celtic and Hibs I thought this section was most appropriate.

Liam Miller - a player who Celtic and Manchester United fans may remember from the mid to late naughties - has been diagnosed with cancer.

Found out he went to play in Australia after playing for Hibs. Always struck me as somebody who had the potential to be very good with his technical ability but for whatever reason never lived up to his hype. 

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1 hour ago, Smiley Culture said:

36 years-old and played for two of the biggest clubs in Britain. Cancer has no boundaries and doesn't discriminate. Horrible news for him and his family. 

Brisbane and Perth ain't in Britain anymore m8.

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To expand on my original post, when Liam Miller left Celtic for Manchester United there was a massive uproar. He chose to do that. Just after Martin O'Neill had left and it was the first sign of the demise of the SPL because a good team that nearly won the UEFA Cup with Larsson, Hartson, Petrov etc had just left or was coming to an end and the next promising thing from Scottish football jumped ship to England where Abramovich and Chelsea were taking off and everybody else was beginning to spend just to keep up. It was a paradigm shift he was involved in. 

He went on loan to Leeds the following season. @Lucas will remember him fondly for that season. Because that season Leeds looked like they were going to get out the league with Hulse, Lewis, Miller, Derry, Kilgallon etc. It wasn't a great team in hindsight but the next year they struggled big time without most of them players and they got relegated.

When Martin Fulop died i felt weird. Because it was somebody I used to boo in the terraces in 2006, that Roy Keane saw in potential in when Sunderland were on a massive high, that I would sign multiple times of FM 2008 (as sad as it sounds) because I saw how good he actually was, that then never really lived up to his expectation. Then after five years of not hearing about him cancer has taken him. Far too young. It's absolute crap. Liam Miller is the exact same

The whole thing is horrible. These people had so much to live for. When I saw them live you never would have guessed they'd be dead a decade after through something they couldn't control. Fuck off cancer. 

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