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Neven Subotic Joins Saint-Etienne

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8 minutes ago, Stan said:

what happened to Subotic at Dortmund?

Thought he was a mainstay there. Remember him and Hummels being rocks at the back.


Under Klopp, yes. The other coaches didn't seem to rate him that highly, unfortunately. Then he had some injury problems, was loaned out to Köln and never found his way back in. When he occasionally played, he was still rock solid. 

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I think he and Hummels were an amazing combination in terms of stylistic chemistry, although the reputation of Hummels as the luxury sweeper and Subotic as the rough, stopper-type is obviously over-simplistic. Sokratis was a lot better than expected I think, and perhaps offers similar things to Subotic but with more pace and physical presence, and they maybe aren't an ideal combination, with Toprak or Bartra being more naturally balanced partners for Sokratis.

He's an amazing guy and I hope AS can have some success in the next couple of seasons.

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