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Mourinho Out - The Finished One!

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Since November 2017, Chelsea've got 34 points from 17 games. United have 33 points. Right now we've got the English media baying blood from Chelsea, meanwhile Mourinho's been rewarded with a new contract.

Personally, I don't think either of them deserve the sack. First off, while I fucking hate Mourinho's style of football (and the club's he's managed) - you can't really debate against his track record. It might be ugly, but he is a winner and the proof is there for everyone to see. And United are much improved this season, even with their cowardly approach to football. Secondly, Conte's obviously regressed this season - but they dominated the league last year and are on pace for 76+ points and this year they have the CL to contend with.

Personally, I think the media is baying for blood with Conte because they know Abramovich is a sack-happy cunt and high profile signings gives them easy shite to write stories about/spew bullshit on TV, plus allows for the "speculation" over who'll be his replacement. Pretty shameful from them. But it's interesting to see that Mourinho isn't getting anywhere near the same kind of under-pressure treatment that Conte is. He's spent more, plays worse football, and is a bigger name in world football. It's interesting to see how the media operates with certain clubs.

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