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Worst Football Kits

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Found a similar thread over on TFF. Thought it'd be interesting to see what the rest of you can find.

To start... I feel I could pull off any football shirt aside from this one from Dundee. It's just disgusting.


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Two posts in and people have posted two fantastic kits (relatively). Seems like people don't know what 'ugly' really is. They are just non-traditional, overly ambitious kits.

This is fucking ugly. It tries to be traditional but it's more a fucking Adidas advert than a kit. Look at our new 'breathing technology' that looks like a fucking sports bra. Weird collar and silly shoulder stripes.

Image result for chelsea 09/10 kits

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13 minutes ago, VanPanna said:

IT is iconic but also ugly but it is part of the cult.

This is ugly. What does the navy blue have to do with Arsenal? Why is there a Dutch flag on the arms? Right is what a modern Arsenal kit should look like, and below is what the emblem should look like.



Image result for arsenal kit with stripesImage result for arsenal 10/11 kitImage result for 70s arsenal kit



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