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FA Compare Star of David to Swastika and Robert Mugabe

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So whilst trying to defend their stance on Guardiola's yellow ribbon, they managed to essentially compare Jews to Nazis. Robert Mugabe as well, but funnily enough the one group of people that Jewish people would hate the most for this little thing that happened a few decades ago called the fucking Holocaust. Fuck me. Comparing anyone to Nazis is bad, holding the Star of David up as as bad as a swastika you are joking 😂😂😂 Bloody idiots.

The FA ladies and gentlemen.

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2 minutes ago, The Palace Fan said:

I think government intervention is needed to rule the whole organisation as incompetent. Too many examples in recent times to show their outdated thinking.

The government gave them a vote of no confidence a while back and nothing has changed. 

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"We have re-written Law 4 of the game so that things like a poppy are OK. But things that are going to be highly divisive, and that could be strong religious symbols, it could be the Star of David, it could be the hammer and sickle, it could be a swastika, anything like Robert Mugabe on your shirt, these are the things we don't want," he told UK newspapers.

"And to be honest, and to be very clear, Pep Guardiola's yellow ribbon is a political symbol, it's a symbol of Catalan independence. And, I can tell, you there are many more Spaniards, non-Catalans, who are p***** off by it.

"All we are doing is even-handedly applying the Laws of the Game. Poppies are not political symbols; that yellow ribbon is."

Glenn questioned where the FA would stop if it allowed Guardiola to continue wearing his ribbon.

"Where do you draw the line – should we have someone with a UKIP [UK Independence Party] badge, someone with an ISIS badge?" he said.

"That's why you have to be pretty tough that local, regional, national party organisations cannot use football shirts to represent them."



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10 hours ago, Dan said:

Some of those comparisons are unbelievable xD

I don't think they've got a leg to stand on here to be honest if they allow the poppy and I say that as someone who supports wearing it.

Exactly, I support being able to show the poppy and I also support politics not controlling football. But the poppy is born out of war and that goes hand in hand with politics whether they like it or not.

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