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Sjoeke Nüsken with a brace against Ajax last night. She had a brilliant start at Chelsea, and it seems like the switch to England really helped her reach the next level of her development. She has been starting for Germany recently too, and seems like a completely different player with heaps of confidence. 


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What's people's thoughts on the whole manager/player relationship discussion currently happening?

Willie Kirk suspended by Leicester for allegedly having a relationship with a player.

Emma Hayes going a bit further and saying teammates being in a relationship is inappropriate. She then backtracked on that.

I can see the potential dangers of manager/player relationships but at the same time I'm not sure if people should be punished when there hasn't been any of those dangers taking place.

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22 hours ago, 6666 said:

Emma Hayes pushes Jonas Eidevall after Chelsea lost the League Cup final. Then has The nerve to complain about "male aggression". 😂

Saw a clip of it. Was there anything that went on beforehand between them? 

Can you imagine the uproar if it happened the other way round?! 

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