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  1. Last movie you watched?

    I've been meaning to rewatch Jesse James actually that reminds me. That is the one shining light; the shows have been fairly good. Until the ending I thought it was fantastic but that whole end scene was like a train wreck to watch. I love me some Ben Foster and even what I think is still his best performance couldn't redeem it.
  2. Last movie you watched?

    Haha yeah it was thoroughly average, good collection of actors but that was about it. The original is just much better, i hope they dont try to remake TGTBTU as the westerns in recent times have been largely shit. (by recent i mean nearly 30 years....)
  3. Damn i missed my opportunity to vote for Korab.
  4. If Nagelsmann says this i would imagine the deal will get done. Im happy to finally have some backup for Lewy.
  5. Unpopular Film & TV Opinion

  6. What TV Series Are You Watching?

    @nudge Just finished Godless and i loved it. It is a bit slow going but the characters and story they build made for a great watch. Jeff Daniels stole the show.
  7. Unpopular Film & TV Opinion

    The Big Bang Theory is the largest peice of shit on TV in as long as i can remember. I dont understand how people find that show funny at any level. I just cringe.
  8. Film & TV Off topic

    I love alot of his films, most the early work but Inglorious Bastards was thoroughly enjoyable. His detractors have already spoken im not going to turn this into a Tarrantino thread but the man is brilliant and this idea would make alot of money either way. Im excited.
  9. MTG chat

    Cheers, ill check it out. Im with you, the energy is just so perisitic and repetitive to play against. I feel like i've played temur a thousand bajillion times even at store level events. What's your mardu list looking like? I've still been playing it here and there but mainly on a grixis control list these days.
  10. You forgot the all important emoji when making such claims
  11. Animals

    This was some amazing footage, i remember watching fresh out of highschool. Crazy sequence of events. I still have to finish Planet Earth 2 but it is some of the best youll find.
  12. Overall very good performance. This team under Carlo is a fading nightmare. Even with a heavily rotated squad they looked hungry. Overall mostly encouraging signs, Kimmich had a rough one and my love child Rudy didnt have it easy either. This was the performance Tolisso in particular needed as hes fallen under some criticism and scrutiny. Coman has continued his outstanding play, Süle had a solid bounce back. Things look good for the time being.
  13. Bayern München Thread

    Interesting thought, i never really put that together tbh but your right how many have worked out? seems pretty bad percentage wise.
  14. I dont think jesus himself could have predicted Gladbach to lay an egg like that.