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Blackburn Relegated to League One

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What next for Blackburn then? Relegated on goal difference on the final day of the Championship. Venky's to remain? Mowbray to stay?

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Heartbreaking and I've no shame in saying I was in tears at the final whistle just like many of my fellow fans. Venkys have ruined this club but today showed the spirit still remains from the fans and the current set of players and staff. We gave it our best shot today but sadly it wasn't enough. I can think back to so many moments this season which could have made such a difference, none more than a recent home game when we were 2-1 up with 30 secs and had the ball yet gave it away and we conceded.

I hope Mowbray stays but he says he isn't sure until the end of the week which probably means he will have to take a pay cut and will decide if its worth it. I really hope some of the experienced players stay as well but a lot of the higher earners will have to leave. 

Gutted its come to this. Not so long ago I was watching Tugay, Dunn, Salgado, McCarthy, Samba, Friedel, Santa Cruz, Bentley etc all play in a blue and white shirt, now we are preparing for a season in the 3rd tier of english football.

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Gutted for Blackburn, that is one massive football club who deserve so much better.

Mowbray did a good job, steadied the ship and picked up some good wins but unfortunately was left with too much to do. I'm sure if he stays they'll bounce straight back.

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I genuinely don't even have the heart to be a tosser about it... that was a shit way to go down. I'd love to say they'll have every chance of bouncing back up but I genuinely don't see it - not without a change at boardroom level.

I'm mostly gutted as the only local derby we'll have next year is Preston. Fucking hell.

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Venkys have released a statement tonight -



The Owners of Blackburn Rovers wish to place on record their appreciation for the work of manager Tony Mowbray since his arrival at the club, during which time both the performances of the team and results have improved significantly. Going forward he will continue to have our full support.
Despite the courageous performance by the players and the victory at Brentford yesterday, results elsewhere led to the relegation of the club from the Championship. This is indeed a very sad situation and we are deeply hurt by these events. We share the same feelings as our supporters.
Notwithstanding this temporary setback, we are confident that the collective efforts of the team, under Tony’s leadership, will enable the club to achieve promotion back to the Championship next season.
The Owners and everyone at the club recognise and appreciate the solid backing of the supporters and thank them for this. We believe that such strong support will set us in good stead for the season ahead.
We have all witnessed the events of recent years, where teams have been relegated but have turned their clubs around and emerged stronger, and we are determined to see Blackburn Rovers do the same.
Work has already begun to make this happen and we will be making every effort during the forthcoming season to give ourselves the best chance to achieve this goal.

Read more at https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/owners-statement-3710905.aspx#AOL5omB1DBjV5FE2.99


It doesn't look like they are going anywhere soon...they have backed Mowbray I just hope they back this up when they meet with him in India this week and Mowbray is given the backing he needs to stay with us next season.

The current squad is more than competitive at Championship level but Coyle's tactics and management at the start of the season left Mowbray with too much to do. If we kept everyone and replaced the loanees we'd have a very successful season in League One however its inevitable lots of the experienced players will leave...if we can keep hold of Graham, Conway, Mulgrew, Steele, Bennett etc I will be shocked.

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Repeating what I said on the Match Day thread, I'm gutted for Rovers. In 2010 they finished 10th in the Premier League, their 6th top finish in 9 seasons, and now have sunk to League One. Damn those stupid, incompetent Venky's. 

Unlike Blackpool and Burnley who I despise, I have always liked Blackburn and wanted to see more local derbies against them next season. I was born in 1990, and next season will the first in my lifetime that we'll play in a higher division than them. It just doesn't feel right or real to be honest. We've only been in the same division as them for a total of 3 seasons in my lifetime. 

The team definitely improved under Mowbray so they need to back him as much as possible over the Summer. It was just a shame that couldn't turn more of those series of draws at the start of his reign into wins. They would have been better off winning some games and losing others, rather than continually drawing. 

They do have an excellent youth academy and a promising crop of youngsters coming through which is one silver lining. They could do much worse than giving more them of them a chance in the first team next season. 

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