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[VOTE] Team of the 21st Century - LB - Round of 16

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Vote, vote, vote.  

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  1. 1. Patrice Evra or David Alaba?

  2. 2. Jordi Alba or Paulo Maldini?

    • Jordi Alba
    • Paulo Maldini
  3. 3. Roberto Carlos or Eric Abidal?

  4. 4. Ashley Cole or Joan Capdevila?

    • Ashley Cole
    • Joan Capdevila
  5. 5. Giovanni van Bronckhorst or Bixente Lizarazu?

    • Giovanni van Bronckhorst
    • Bixente Lizarazu
  6. 6. Philipp Lahm or Denis Irwin?

  7. 7. Filipe Luis or Aleksandar Kolarov?

    • Filipe Luis
    • Aleksandar Kolarov
  8. 8. Marcelo or Fabio Grosso?

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Evra, Maldini, Carlos, Cole, Van Bronckhorst, Lahm, Luis, Marcelo


Van Bronckhorst was difficult to choose. 

Marcelo chosen as he's not the best defender but in a side that I'd like to be attacking, he would fit in. 

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Take mine with a grain of salt, because some of these are before my time. I’ve personally never ever liked Evra though. I know Alaba isn’t great but fuck me id take him any day of the week over Evra of now or prime Evra.

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Evra was really shite in his last couple of years at United, but I'd still take him over most when you look at his whole career.

Alba unlucky to come up against Maldini at this stage I think but has to be Paulo.

Roberto Carlos and Ashley Cole very easy winners.

Van Bronckhorst against Lizarazu was hard to judge as I didn't see that much of Lizarazu due to age.

Lahm over Irwin.

Kolarov is making up the numbers in this bracket if we're being honest so Filipe Luis has a nice draw this early on.

Fabio Grosso's goal in the World Cup semi final extra time is one of my favourite football memories from that decade, I wanted to vote for him based on that but in reality Marcelo has been the better left-back over a longer period of time.

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