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Your German Club - 2020/21 Season Review

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Copied it from the English, but let's do our version. No matter in which league your club plays. 


Player of the Year - 

Young Player of the Year – 

Most Improved Player – 

Flop Player of the Year – 

Season Score out of 10 –

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For Fortuna Düsseldorf:

Player of the Year - Kevin Danso. I refuse to watch Augsburg matches next season, because I don't want to see him in that shirt. 

Young Player of the Year – Shinta Appelkamp, no doubt. He's been ill and injured a lot. But whenever he played, our whole attacking game changed. He's a special player who can go places. But luckily he stated that he wants to stay with us for the forseeable future. 

Most Improved Player – Leonardo Kutris. We signed him while he was still recovering from a cruciate ligament tear, and his first matches for us where still kind of wobbly. But he improved a lot as he regained his form. Great crosses and defensive work on his left back side. 

Flop Player of the Year – Uwe Klein who is responsible for the transfers. Failed to sign anything kind of creative for our midfield, hence why our forwards were often left hanging. 

Season Score out of 10 – 6/10. At the start of the season, many feared that we go straight down to 3. Liga again. So I can't complain about 5th place. 

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Player of the Year - Lewandowski, pretty self explanatory.

Young Player of the Year – Jamal Musiala - It was great to see Flick's trust in him pretty much from the start of the season. Hes still pretty raw but man is he bursting with talent. His dribbling and finishing is well beyond his years. He needs to add some strength as his frame is quite slight and some of his decision making leaves something to be desired at times but overall very excited for his future.

Most Improved Player – Tough call, probably Lucas Hernandez but kind of feels like a cop out as he didnt play much last season. Definitely deserved more starts this season but with the turnover were having he will be getting the spot in the upcoming season and should be at CB which is his preferred and better position. 

Flop Player of the Year – The easy choice is Sarr, he just wasnt good enough whenever called upon (albiet that wasnt much) Maybe Sane would be the better choice but overall he wasnt terrible it just took a bit for him to settle in and even then his season was full of peaks and valleys. Didnt live up to the billing and the promise but well see with the coming season. 

Season Score out of 10 – 7.5/10 Impossible to follow up on a what was pretty much perfect season the year prior. 

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Player of the year? Umm.... Pavlenka, Toprak, Augustinson, Rashica, Fulkrug all at least looked like they belong in the bundesliga.... If I had to pick, i'd say Toprak, even though he had a nightmare in our relegation game. 
Young player of the year? The shit yank by default. 
Most improved? Oh lordy, ew... Mohwald? 
Flop? Chong, Selke, Osako, Gross Bittencourt? Take your pick
Total score. 3. We wouldn't have been relegated had we sacked the coach a fortnight earlier, or if VAR hadn't fucked us twice. 

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Player of the year - Nicklas Shipnoski

Young Player of the Year - Marin Sverko, was consistently playing and even was capped for UEFA U21 European Championship

Most Improved Player - Luca Kerber, our homegrown defensive midfielder, who played for the most part of the second season half, although he's only 19 years old.

Flop Player of the Year - Kianz Froese didn't develop like most club members and fans expected and hoped for, although the term flop is a bit harsh maybe.

Season Score out of 10 - 8/10

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Player of the year - I guess you have to go with Haaland, although the sulking in the middle part of the season really irritated me.  I think Marco Reus really stepped up this season when the team was flailing and was the perfect example of a captain putting a team on his shoulders.

Young player of the year - Bellingham without a doubt has been a revelation at 17.  He won't be at Dortmund for long :/

Most improved player - Mo Dahoud was fantastic once Terzic put him in the starting lineup.  Would have liked to have seen him in the Germany team. 

Flop player - Thomas Meunier ended the season on the bench and we had to close out with the retiring legend Piszczek at right back.  You could also point the finger at Bürki with some extremely questionable displays early in the season.

Season score - 8/10.  Some might say that because Dortmund didn't challenge for the title it's a failure.  Personally, I think that expectation is a joke.  We don't have the resources to compete with Bayern on an annual basis so it all comes down to coaching, team chemistry, and luck.  Yes, this team had a lot of talent but it took Terzic some time to unlock it.  I do wonder how the season would have gone had Sancho, Dahoud, and Reus hit their stride earlier.

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Player of the Year - Serdar Dursun by a mile. 27 goals says it all really

Young Player of the Year – Patric Pfeiffer, wasn't playing as much due to injuries, but when on the pitch he was cool, calm and collected.

Most Improved Player – Erich Berko, started to show glimpses of why we brought him over.

Flop Player of the Year – Campo.

Season Score out of 10 – 5/10. A brilliant end to the season which just makes you think about what could have been if we were more consistent...

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