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QUARTER-FINAL - Storts vs Cannabis

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The run likely comes to an end here, on TFF I'd have actually been relatively confident of winning this one, but Cannabis has reinvented himself on the new forum. 

Then again here comes the Mod domination :ph34r: Happy to finish top 3 in the real competition of non mod tactical voting. 

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4 hours ago, Anton said:

Tough one but Stortsy.


3 hours ago, Batard said:

Nick is my lover so I had to. The bed gets cold at night 


8 minutes ago, DeadLinesman said:

Love me some Stortford Kel.



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1 minute ago, Cannabis said:

The lows Storts has gone to in order to win these votes, I may lose out in the end but at least my arse isn't full of semen.

Don't knock it till you've tried it. Ask the missus, I know she's a fan :ph34r:

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