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As you all know of me, I don't expect us to qualify this time around. We are playing incredible football and are one of the best teams in the continent, but unfortunately our away games are just too much. I can see us winning both home games, I can't see us winning either of the away matches. The Atahualpa is usually a fortress. I think their recent form suggests that its winnable, but I need to be a realist and think that its unlikely either way. Can't see us winning against what is likely a new and improved Argentina. We need 7 points at least and even that may not be enough, so we just need to prepare for 2022. Get Gareca a contract renewel until 2050. He needs to stay.

 Here is how our 2 squads should look


1st team



Trauco - Callens - Rodriguez - Corzo

Yotun - Aquino

Flores - Cueva - Carillo



B team



Loyola - Ramos - Araujo - Advincula

Tapia - Vilchez

Manzaneda - Hurtado - Polo



The CM depth is a concern. Front line bar a lack of Paolo Guerrero isn't too concerning. Left back also concerns me as Loyola hasn't been in good form at all this year. Ramos and Araujo I trust to do a good job. On their day they are good. Advincula is also a solid RB who many consider should be first choice, but I'm still in team Aldo Corzo.

In the first team, I prefer Aquino over Tapia. Otherwise its basically the same lineup that's been used. Just as I thought we were going to be doomed once Farfan, Pizarro, Vargas and Paolo all retire, more brilliant footballers came in and now we hardly miss the former 3. 

There are about 7 players who can easily do well in a top European league. Paolo, Yotun, Trauco, A. Rodriguez, Ruidiaz, Cueva and Carillo. Not totally sold on Callens yet, he's been one of the top CB's in the MLS this year but I want to see if he can stay consistent.  Aquino and Manzaneda still need time, both are at a great level but have so far only proven themselves domestically. 

We should beat Bolivia easily and I expect us to beat Colombia.


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Skeptical about this. Malatyaspor have just been promoted. Had it been anyone worse I wouldn't have minded, but Yoshimar Yotun is class and one of our best. Ripping it up in Sweden at Malmo and deserves to go to a better club.

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Carlos Zambrano linked with PAOK xD

I do think he can learn in Greece, but nevertheless its a huge downfall having played in the Bundesliga only 2 years ago. 

I do feel for Zambrano. I met him in 2010 and he's a lovely bloke, but yeah he's so ill disciplined which is a shame. When he's playing clean, he's easily our best central defender.

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2 hours ago, Teso Dos Bichos said:

Just realized, by accident, that Ruidiaz is half peruvian and half Croatian :rofl:pizarro is half italian. I highly doubt they have any full blooded peruvian players that are worth a fuck. 

Congrats, you learned about something everyone knew since they began their careers. Not like we care anyways as they would have chose to play for Peru even if they were world class (Pizarro was arguably that)

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I think it is hard for south American teams because of the way qualifiying works. There are a lot of European teams who would struggle to qualify out of south America. I think Venezuela who normaly finish bottom could qualify in other continental groups

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On 7/17/2017 at 11:55 PM, Gunnersauraus said:

I think it is hard for south American teams because of the way qualifiying works. There are a lot of European teams who would struggle to qualify out of south America. I think Venezuela who normaly finish bottom could qualify in other continental groups

Basically how things are. The only team that couldn't qualify from any other continental group is Bolivia really. Venezuela, Peru and Paraguay are all better than a third of the teams that go to the World Cup.

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So Butron off injured and Diego Penny of all keepers gets called up. So 2 of our 3 keepers aren't national team quality, there is a higher chance we will be a weak link in net than not. Bad news, hopefully Carvallo starts on Tuesday. He's the safest bet and even plays for a team in altitude in Peru (UTC)

Hopefully Yotun returns as we missed his link up and long balls against Bolivia. Aquino won't be there, so it should be him assuming he will be available and Renato Tapia. Paolo is back for this and will also be important for the match.

I think the win is very possible, but I think it will ultimately end in a draw. I'm not just saying we should go for the sake of wanting to see us, but also because we would be one of the best representatives of South America. Think the world will enjoy our football too. We definitely play a fun style to watch.

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A good week for Peruvians abroad.

- Raul Ruidiaz bags his 6th goal in the Liga MX this season against Tigres. 

- Paolo Guerrero scores against Sport Recife

- Paolo Hurtado gets an assist against Braga

- Christian Cueva gets an assist against Sao Paulo

- Reports on Pedro Gallese's injury have been good. He's recovering and may make it in time for Argentina.


Week not done yet and I haven't been able to watch any of their matches but these stats added to their tally is good for a morale boost at the very least. All except Cueva have been consistent this season and I hope they keep it up.

On another note,  Edison Flores' team Aab Aalborg is awful. Seen a few of their games and Flores is the only one that performs, but he can't play all lone.

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Yordy Reyna scored last night for Vancouver Whitecaps, as well as got an assist. Carrillo and Cueva also got assists. Paolo Guerrero I'm guessing is being rested for the Copa do Brasil final.

This has to be one of the best era's for Peruvians abroad. Back only 10 years ago, we had Pizarro and Farfan ripping their leagues apart and Guerrero getting sent off on weekends. Now we have a ton of players doing well. Fano, Rengifo were the next best. Now there is Reyna, Ruidiaz, Aquino, Advincula, Guerrero, Cueva, Trauco, and Callens doing well in their leagues while Edison Flores is one of Aab's best players. Also have a keeper abroad. Fernandez was in the MLS in the 2014 cycle, but Butron was always a Peruvian league player, although a superb one at that.

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Club and individual honours from Peruvians since the Copa America 2016

Raul Ruidiaz

Liga MX top scorer apertura and clausura. 2016-17

Luis Advincula

Liga MX runner up (clausura, Tigres)

Renato Tapia

Eredivisie winner, 2016-17




Yordy Reyna - Vancouver Whitecaps

Jefferson Farfan - Lokomotiv Moscow

Pedro Aquino - Monterrey

Andre Carrillo - Watford

Yoshimar Yotun - Orlando City

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Yup, it was absolute mayhem. I didn't sleep at all last night. In the end, I decided to spend some time on my own. If we never qualify for the World Cup again, I may regret that decision in the future. 

People were honking their cars, invading the streets. There was a traffic jam at 3 AM! No one slept. It was a fucking fiesta.

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Players who should move at the end of the year

Miguel Araujo

He's been linked with Benfica and has actually already played in Europe for Red Star Belgrade. I think he's ready for a stepping stone league like Portugal. He's improved a lot in the last year and he's worked hard to get this far. He has a lot more confidence now, is playing well for his club and has shut down Benedetto and Cavani. 

Pedro Aquino

Don't think he will move but I wouldn't be surprised if Monterrey cut his loan short to get in the first team. One of the best holding midfielders in the Mexican league and some locals are already asking for him to be integrated into the Rayados first team instead of staying at Lobos.

Edison Flores

Rumours that he'll move to Spain or Portugal. I prefer Spain. He used Denmark as a stepping stone and doesn't need a second one. Not sure what Valencia's left wing situation is but I think a club of that stature suits him.

Miguel Trauco

In my opinion, he has the potential to become World Class. I'd like to see him in Europe soon and I hope he takes his decision wisely and not immediately jump to a big club. Make sure you'll get playing time. I was chatting with @Dan the other day and I asked him if he would take him at Leicester. Would be interesting, I hear they are short on left backs although Chilwel could make way soon, who I've heard was decent.

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On 11/22/2017 at 3:26 PM, ScoRoss said:

What's this story about proposals to put the football federation under control of the state? Seems a great way to get themselves excluded from the World Cup.

This "story" is complete bollocks that is hardly even being picked up here. 2 tabloids decided to post it, and the Italian media decided to grab it and make it big news to put pressure and have their team reintegrated. Peru will be in Russia full stop. Joke that people actually believe this nonsense.

I'm not having a pop at you but I'm seeing it all over my Twitter yet here its hardly picked up because its all false.

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Jefferson Farfan is a beast.

Travelled from Russia to New Zealand to Peru to Russia to some town near China and played in -13 degrees all in 2 weeks. Still managed to score a goal and force the own goal for the opposition in a 2-1 win. Missed a penalty though.

I thought he was finished but he's still got something in him. He's reverted back to his original position of a number 9 and its working well for him.


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5 minutes ago, The Palace Fan said:

Given there blatant cheating to qualify and now Guerrero being banned for a positive drug test I genuinely think it's getting to a point now where fifa need to seriously consider banning Peru from the tournament.

Your trolling is worse than Jar Jar Binks.

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20 minutes ago, The Palace Fan said:

If it was Chile youd be sharpening your pitch fork.

Considering they are still the biggest cheaters in South America, that would be very hypocritical.

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