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Group B - Germany, England, Bulgaria, Netherlands

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3rd July, 2017
Bulgaria vs England, 17.30
Germany vs Netherlands, 20.00

6th July, 2017
England vs Netherlands, 17.30
Germany vs Bulgaria, 20.00

9th July, 2017
England vs Germany, 20.00
Bulgaria vs Netherlands, 20.00

Group winners and runners up go through

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2 hours ago, True Bender said:

Why is Kai Havertz not in the squad? He's our biggest talent and only 18 years old.

He asked not to be included, needs rest before the new season. 

A big loss indeed, and now Salih Özcan is out as well.

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33 minutes ago, RandoEFC said:

Ended up 4-1. Ben Brereton and Ryan Sessegnon with two goals each.

England progress with 9 points, Netherlands second with 4 points having drawn with Bulgaria today who join the Germans in getting knocked out.

give it 10 years and Germany won't make the Euros :ph34r:  

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4 hours ago, Cannabis said:

Or perhaps rather than pushing our young players to be the finished article already we could let them grow at their own pace?

You should play at the level you can compete at. No higher, no lower. That is how a player develops no matter what age they are. 

He won't develop playing against dross like Germany U19s :ph34r::ph34r::ph34r:

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