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SoccerAM Shake Up - Helen Chamberlain Leaves After 20 Years

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Helen Chamberlain will leave Soccer AM following 20 years of service on the popular match-day television show.

Chamberlain, who became synonymous with the show during its early inception along with former co-host Tim Lovejoy, will move on ahead of the new season.

Soccer AM have revealed they will be revamping their coverage, which has changed several times throughout the years.

For the new season Soccer AM will be fronted by rising star comedian Lloyd Griffith, former Hull and Fulham midfielder Jimmy Bullard and existing host John “Fenners” Fendley. 



Might be worth watching with more Bullard

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All things come to an end I suppose... 

The show was a religion for me and my 2 girls to watch on a Saturday morning when Tim Lovejoy was fronting it alongside her. It was the only footy related stuff I could ever get both my girls interested in. 

Met her on a couple of occasions now and she is a genuinely nice person it has to be said. A proper down to earth type footy fan. Can't believe its been 20 years since that show was first launched, Sure does make you feel old to have all that time just zoom by so quickly... 

Lucky I still have plenty left in the tank... I could probably watch another 20 years of that show and not think it too many B|

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I have never been a fan of the show as I have always felt it was aimed at the weak minded. Chamberlian on the other hand is a sweetheart who has excelled at her job. I hope she continues to have success in her career.

BT had the Saturday mornings wrapped up with their football show before their live coverage of Premier League games. Darren Fletcher, the presenter, while a bit of an ass licker, was surrounded by many newly retired ex players who were all trying to make a name for themselves as pundits. Most amusing for me was Steve Mcmanaman expressing his opinion, only for Paul Scholes to disagree with almost everything he had said. I am not saying either of them were right, it was just amusing. Also it offered the introduction of Chris Sutton as a pundit. Now I accept Sutton is a bit "Marmite" but for me he is a breath of fresh punditry. Unlike many of the vanilla pundits, Sutton will express opinions which will ruffle more than a few feathers at clubs. Some would say he is taking a quick line out of a job. I'd say we need more of his controversial comment.


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On board with the consensus here. Soccer AM used to be great with Lovejoy, partly because I was younger and less cynical probably but I nearly always watched it. It was exciting when he was replaced by the fella who supports Cambridge United but the fact that I can't remember his name tells you all you need to know about how the show went after that.

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