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Matchday 2 (Group A) - Wednesday 27th September, 2017

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1 minute ago, Cicero said:

Their schedule until November is an absolute breeze. 

That's why they're in there with a shot at the title (Premier League).  They'll be fresh for the second half of the season which is the reason coaches rotate in the first half.  No conspiracies with the calendar for Mourinho this season then...  Although if you were to talk to him I'm sure he could muster something for you.

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5 minutes ago, Cicero said:

Their schedule until November is an absolute breeze. 

just seen it. not that much of a breeze but will probably not lose anyway. 

Palace (home)
Liverpool (away)
Huddersfield (away)
Swansea (away)
Spurs (home)
Benfica (home)

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Basel 5-0 Benfica is embarrassing for Benfica. But they have it tough. Each and every year they are raided for their best players and they just can't progress due to this. For as great as it is to see Basel pull off such a scoreline, it's also sad to see Benfica, a big European club, to be humiliated in this way and look so hopeless.

As for United, they have certainly gotten lucky to avoid the giants considering the rout in which they qualified for the Champions league in the first place, but you've still got to beat who is in front of you, and they are doing that convincingly to be fair to them. Just as they are doing in the league currently. Mourinho looks to be really turning things around there and winning trophies last season has given them the winning mentality. I think themselves, City and Chelsea are all capable of going far in the tournament, same with PSG and it looks tighter than it has in years when you add the top 3 from Spain into the mix as well. Spurs look strong themselves, but very similar to Spain's 4th team in the tournament, they don't have the quality to go all the way and lack that something. But in Spurs' case, I think we may get a better understanding of that when they face Real Madrid in their next 2 games.

English teams have been poor in this competition for a while but I genuinely think the 3 mentioned(City, Chelsea and United) have everything there to go far, so they should as well with the money they spend and the managers they have.



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