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Matuidi Racially Abused At Cagliari

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Juventus midfielder Blaise Matuidi says he was the subject of racial abuse during his side's 1-0 win at Cagliari in Serie A on Saturday.

His claim comes two days after Verona received a suspended partial stadium ban and fine for a section of their fans racially abusing the 30-year-old.

The France midfielder said "weak people try to intimidate with hate".

"I am not a hater and can only be sorry for those who set bad examples," Matuidi said on his Facebook page.

He added: "Today I experienced racism during the match.

"Football is a way to spread equality, passion and inspiration and this is what I am here for. Peace."

Federico Bernardeschi scored the only goal of the game 16 minutes from time as Juventus recorded a sixth win in seven games to head into the two-week winter break one point behind leaders Napoli.

The incident at Verona took place on 30 December, when Matuidi scored the opening goal in a 3-1 win.

The Serie A club were punished for "the expression of racial discrimination, lasting about 10 seconds" towards Matuidi by a section of the home supporters in the fifth minute




Anyone know any details?

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1 hour ago, Berserker said:

According to him he was racially abused by Cagliari's fans. They apologised in twitter through their official account.

Did the ones that said whatever was said apologise or was it the head of their fans association?

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1 minute ago, Berserker said:

"Their official twitter account", so many writing has left no time for you to practice your reading. :ph34r:

I haven’t got their twitter account mate! xD

I asked you so you could make my job easier and quicker with the info without me having to find out for myself. Hahaha

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