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Rui Patricio Joins Wolves

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I can see it now, goes to throw a ball to a team-mate and it won't leave his gloves. His wife has set him up a for a life-time of jokes. Cheers to you Mrs. Patricio oh and I won't be drinking anything you serve me that looks white.

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I was thinking in my head "I wonder why Arsenal or Liverpool haven't gone for him on a free" watching one of the World Cup games when my watch alerted me to this signing. I imagine his wages must be huge given there's no transfer fee.

Either way, it looks like this is the way football is going unfortunately. Agent power over clubs is only going to grow and teams are going to have to get in line if they want certain players and the rewards that come with it.

It will be interesting to see the expectation at the club on September 1st. Nuno could be on for a top half finish and still lose his job, which is mad when you think they've just been promoted.

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