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Kenedy Joins Newcastle on Loan

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1 hour ago, Harvsky said:


Fingers crossed this happens

I was reading this might be on the cards.... Not sure how a lot of these loans/deals & potential transfers are going to work out if the club have not made any announcement one way or the other about who will be managing the team yet, If we are to replace Conte then some of these deals may get scuppered.. 

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35 minutes ago, The Palace Fan said:

Great stuff. Guess that means you don't need Townsend any more :)

The two aren't connected apparently. Townsend is supposed to be a replacement for Ritchie. I think there's talk of a domino effect where you buy Antonio, we buy Townsend and Stoke buy Ritchie, but you have to start it.

Although I don't want to lose Ritchie it makes sense to get Townsend on one wing and Kenedy on the other as it is a sort of Laurent Robert - Nobby Solano mix of approaches. One pace one precision. 

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31 minutes ago, Harvsky said:

There's a rumour doing the rounds that Kenedy was left out of the squad today because we are going to terminate his loan so that we can loan someone else from a Premier League team.

Not sure how true it is. He's had a poor season.

How would you summarize him as a player mate? And his form / performances as a whole?

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18 minutes ago, carefreeluke said:

How would you summarize him as a player mate? And his form / performances as a whole?

Last season he was class. This season he has largely been inconsistent and ineffective. He was dreadful at the start of the season. Caught on the ball, losing the ball. The Cardiff game, 2nd game of the season, was peak poor, didn't complete a single pass in the first half and missed a penalty in the 92nd minute costing us 2 points. I might be remembering incorrectly but I believe there was a game recently where he didn't complete a single pass in 90 minutes. It was bizarre that he should come back to us so out of sorts after how good he was last season. I wondered how much that was down to him being shipped out on loan again when he clearly did enough with us to warrant a shot this year in the Chelsea squad I feel. He no longer warrants that by the way. Slowly but surely he improved a bit, a couple of good games here and there, Man Utd away in particular he tore them a new one. It looked like the Kenedy we knew. There were some quiet games, he wasn't doing anything wrong but he wasn't doing anything.

Today he didn't make the squad. If it isn't because the loan is being terminated then we have to take what Rafa has said as the truth, that he didn't make the squad because others are doing better in training. Bare in mind these others haven't got his talent. So alarm bells are ringing for me.

There is also another issue impacting his play. We don't play the same formation as last season very often anymore. Lately we have been going 5 at the back, wing backs. He's had a stint as the wing back and a stint in the midfield infront of the back 5. I know he played wing back a couple of times for Conte and when he came to us we were told that was his position, but there's a big difference in the two teams. Chelsea have 70% possession, we are lucky if we have 35% away from home and 55% at home. Although we haven't seen much of him as wing back because of injuries and being dropped lately, I think we have to defend too much and drive too quickly down the wing for him to be effective there.

Personally I wouldn't terminate his loan because he has too much class. We just need to get it out of him. 

It isn't as if it is just him that's not doing well. Only Rondon and Ki of the attacking players come out of the last 2 months with any credit. The whole team is littered with inconsistent players, inconsistent performers. Not just Kenedy, some others are more extreme such as Perez and Diame. Perez could be the most hopeless player on the pitch one week and win you the game the next. Second half of last season when Kenedy was in form so were Perez and Diame. We know from before signing Kenedy that those 2 go through spells of good and bad. It may well be that Kenedy is in part being dragged down by his surroundings. I don't know, on an individual level he definitely needs to give us more. 

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