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Fantasy Premier League 2018/19 - New League Set Up

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Those of you familiar with this will know how it works. 

Those that were in the league last season will automatically be renewed in to it when you sort your team out for this season.

Anyone new - go to the above site, join classic/private league and type in this code - 67321-28914 - Would prefer if this league is kept to TF365 (or TFF) members only.


Also, Stan's Super League is also back up and running - last year it had about 275 people in. The code to join that is 67321-28915 - please spread the word on this one, the more the merrier!


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Every season I say I can't be arsed this time then end up making a team a couple of days before kick off because of the hype, don't put much effort into it throughout the season but at least make my weekly changes, generally try and follow the Scout advice each week but somehow end up 1,500,000th in the overall standings while everyone else who does practically the same is inexplicably in the top 2,000.

Needless to say I expect this year to be similar.

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2 hours ago, LFCMike said:

Salah being so expensive is really giving me a headache. Can't decide on whether to put him in or not and have changed my team hundreds of times with and without him in😂

I've managed to squeeze him in. Had to sacrifice some usual picks though.

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1 hour ago, RandoEFC said:

Salah is a must have surely. My headache is that I also want Aguero and Aubameyang but that's like 40% of your budget on three players so have to go with one or the other...

I've got Salah & Aguero in mine but can't stretch to having Aubameyang which is a shame as I think he'll be quality under Emery. 

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We should get this thread more active. Just realised I've already dropped my first clanger of the season by playing Patricio (v Everton) instead of Foster (v Brighton). It's because I had the Cardiff keeper instead of Foster before I swapped them the other day and didn't change my actual line-up.

Ended up upgrading Son to Eriksen last minute, downgrading from Cedric and Diop to Wan Bissaka and Peltier to pay for the extra £1.0m. Figured that Mendy, Coleman and Robertson are going to end up playing most weeks anyway.


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13 minutes ago, Burning Gold said:

How do transfers work here? You get one a week I think, but do they accumulate or is it 'use it or lose it'?

You get one free transfer a week and can save up two free transfers, but that's it. If you do no transfers for 6 weeks you'll still only have two free transfers. Each additional transfer costs you 4 points.

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