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Thursday 20th April - Manchester United (3) 2-1(AET) (2) Anderlecht


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5 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

The fact that we're seriously linked with him has seen me maintain a permanent erection since January. The puzzled looks I'm getting from the general public will be worth it if he comes in the summer.  

Belgians rate him massively. 

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2 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

Going to sound like a real dick here but on the past three FIFA's (ignoring the new one) he's been the player with the most potential in the whole game and made his debut for Anderlecht at the age of just 16. Even though the Belgian League isn't one to write home about it still takes some doing to slot right into the best club in the country at just a tender age. 

Fast-forward to 2017 and he's made over 100 appearances and is holding his own at Old Trafford against Manchester United. If he wanted to switch Belgium for Goodison I'd pick him up myself.

Can see him going to Barca at some point. Perfect player for them. 



Quality game tbf 

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Only watched the last ten minutes of normal time and then all of extra time. Fuck me, i couldn't watch that on a regular basis. Hoof after hoof to Fellaini. Eventually paid off for them but it was absolutely tedious stuff.

Not a terrible thing for us that they're still in this. Don't think they'd have a chance of getting fourth anyway but if they're putting all their eggs into the Europa basket then that's even better.

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2 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

Seriously, get the trolling cock out of your arse and calm down. You're making a tit of yourself on a daily basis and it's quite frankly embarrassing. 

I enjoy it. Missed someone like him for a while now since Swifty's ban. 

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