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Stan's World Prediction League - Week 5 Table

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Division 1 Round-Up

We can talk til the cows come home about anything in these prediction leagues but it's been a VERY long time since I've had a reaction like this when tallying up scores...


The reason? A fantastic prediction of Juventus' 4-3 victory over Napoli from @londonerlilie. Not seen a prediction like that for a while! Well done!

It probably is worth mentioning the high scores of 23 by @RandoEFC and 22 by @Bluewolf but in reality they do pale in to insignifance when seeing that prediction of the week. @6666 pulls himself further away from the relegation places with a score of 18. @SchalkeUK on his return, @Pyfish & @Eco also did well with the same score of 18. @CaaC (John)'s score of 9 catapults him in the wrong direction though!

Div 1 - 5.PNG

Division 2 Round-Up
The top 2 really are setting the pace in this league. Top scores of 20 and 19 by @Harry and @SirBalon respectively ensure they stay out ahead in the promotion spots. @Harry just missed out on the bonus points having collected 4 perfect scores.

In fact all places stayed the same apart from @...Dan and @Tommy who swapped places.

Div 2 - 5.PNG

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