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Jose Mourinho to replace Lucien Favre at Dortmund?

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8 minutes ago, The Artful Dodger said:

I'm sure he said once he wouldn't go to Germany because he can't speak the language?

Seeing he can speak English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan I bet he will pick up the German language ok if he can't then he can always get @nudge to teach him as she is a master of languages including swearing. xD

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Despite having a bad experience in the Spanish capital, Altintop was full of praise for Mourinho.

"He's great. I really like him as a coach, he's one of the best," he stated.

"In the dressing room he's different. Nothing to do with what he seems like. He gets along with the players, defends them and gives a face to the group.

"I know that it seemed different from afar, but he knows how to handle everything around the team very well, which he forces to compete all the time."

It's no surprise most ex players have way more respect for mou than sell out pep. :ay:

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Jose is a 'senior' member of the world's best managers, but just like Ferguson, he seems occasionally to have a problem dealing with the younger - sometimes irrational - behaviour of his junior players.  This last two days have shown that Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea are getting that balance correct and if Jose can do that then BVB will undoubtedly improve.  DW is having that problem at 04 at the moment and the team is suffering from his reluctance to sort out the older players who are not able to keep up with the pace of the modern game (nudge knows exactly what I mean). If the choice is of Jaydon or Mario then I think we all know where the future is!  Do not throw Mario away, but beware of getting too firm with Jaydon.....

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