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Harry Wilson - Benfica

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Far too good at lower table Hull City, impressive at playoff contenders Derby County, average at relegated Bournemouth, failed to live up to expectations at mid table Cardiff City.

His next move will be fascinating. I thought the link to Burnley was a good one as he wouldn't have a big expectation on his shoulders to hit the ground running but I couldn't imagine them spending fifthteen million on a new player.

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3 minutes ago, Machado said:

For his own good, I hope the kid doesn't come. We're a bit of a disaster atm.

You being a disaster is probably why you're in for a player that's linked with names like WBA and Brentford... compared to Benfica, which is a massive Portuguese side.

I think if Benfica are actually interested, regardless of whatever state they're in on/off the pitch, this is a pretty massive opportunity for him because it's another chance for him at a big club. If I were in his shoes, I'd be very interested in making the move to Benfica. I'd also be interested in the Brentford move too, tbh - another chance to make the grade in the top flight of England.

But if he cares at all about playing at a big club... Benfica's got to be pretty appealing. 

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