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Bundesliga 2018/19 - Matchday 2 - 31st August - 2nd September, 2018

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Very sad to see a BVB performance like that.  There must be a virus around as the BVB coach seems to have caught Tedescoitis - brain dead and unable to accept his selections were wrong an left it too late to change as it would make him seem weak and ineffective. BVB has not surrendered to crass like that for years and the Munchkins would have loved that!

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12 hours ago, Devil-Dick Willie said:

Fucking shithouse. Seconds away from being held 1-1 by a 10 man pile of shit. Augustinson what the fuck you fucking shitcunt. I told you he's not worth the oxygen he breathes and now he's killed Pavlenka and almost cost us the 3 points.

This made me laugh xD 

No worries though - he's been discharged from hospital already, will be rested for a week (no training or international football) and is still questionable for the Nürnberg match, but he won't be out for a long time!

Augustinsson had a bad match, don't get the hate otherwise though xD 

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Uffff, that was some exciting stuff. Great fight and a deserved point. Leipzig were stronger overall, but we showed great spirit and even had the better chances to score, IMO. A point against Leipzig is more than I hoped for.

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Note which inexperienced child was beaten easily on the right side for the attack to produce the goal - the Tedesco answer to Goretzka/Meyer space and where is the service to the front coming from - Konoplyanka is trying but almost as a soloist with no backing group!   nudge's comment deserves the xD. This awful bordering on pathetic, but it is what was expected 

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Game over!  Sad to hear the BT commentators asking what has happened to the team that finished 2nd last season.  Totally unaware that Tedesco and the Muppets upstairs have decimated last year's team and this lot is only a shadow of what he inherited.  My fear for both league and CL looks like being realised and it is already too late to sort it as the window is closed and we are stuck with this rubbish!  Julien was in the crowd and must have been gobsmacked by what he saw!

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