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Didier Drogba Retires


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Former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba ended his glittering footballing career in defeat as Phoenix Rising lost to Louisville City in the USL Cup final.

Drogba led out the Rising - the team he part owns - for his swansong in the final of U.S. football's second tier.

However, a second-half goal from Louisville's Luke Spencer meant the Ivorian did not get to bow out with one last title.

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What a God!!! 

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13 goals in 15 games against Arsenal and used to send Senderos in to a full scale panic attack, can't ask more from a fear factor point of view... great striker for us in all the games that really mattered!! 

Strength, Power, Determination and an Eagles Eye for goal.... All hail the King!!! I wish him good fortune in his retirement... 

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Also don't know if anyone knows but he has a foundation as well that he poured over 3MIll into to help those less well off... 

Didier Drogba created his Foundation, back in 2007 to meet a moral obligation, because he felt the need to create something long lasting, something that would not die. But what? The answer came to him on March 29th, 2009, following an incident that occurred in the shadow of major sporting events, and which absurdly transformed joy into mourning. It wasn’t until after the game between Ivory Coast and Malawi that the Elephants’ captain was made aware of the hustle and bustle outside the stadium, which left 19 dead and 32 wounded. He then went to the hospital to visit the injured people. There, he met Nobel Assamoi Yao, an eight-year-old child with leukemia, whose parents were emotionally and financially exhausted.Responding to this urgent situation, Didier Drogba alerted his Foundation so that the child could be operated on in Geneva, where everything was tried to save him. Despite the failure of medicine, this experience laid the groundwork for the Foundation and allowed its mission to be established with greater clarity and strength. It was going to intervene mainly in the fields of health and education.

Once this path had been mapped out, projects followed one another, keeping, as a backdrop, the importance of contributing to greater peace in his country and on the continent. While Didier personally took part in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (2011), his Foundation got involved in the fight against malaria (2012) and against Ebola (in collaboration with the AfDB in 2014); held a major charity event to finance the construction of a pediatric outpatient center in Abidjan; saw to the construction of a school in Gagnoa in partnership with Nestlé (2016) and to the creation of an original medical vehicle, The Heart Mobile, which allows the detection of cardiovascular diseases in the towns and villages of Ivory Coast (2016).

Through the Foundation, Didier Drogba is helping to raise awareness on sustainable agriculture and a new way of fighting hunger in the world. Through the implementation of a women’s empowerment program, through training in cassava field development, the Foundation enables the creation and realization of other projects in the region.  Isn’t it in all these actions are that the true “penalty area” is? Is it not then that we must act at the decisive moment?







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Shouldn't ever be regarded in the same elk as Henry, Shearer, Aguero, etc, however Drogba was much more than a goal scorer. He got so many of our players involved with his hold up play, that it overshadows how unprolific he was compared to those other mentioned. 

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I remember first watching his score for fun on Euro Sport with Marseille and thinking that thus guy is going to become a beast in the Premier League one day with a club like Arsenal.

I didn't expect Chelsea to pay as much as he did and after his first two seasons I questioned if he was ever going to be worth how much they paid for him. Credit where it's due though, after that he exploded in to a fine striker for many years.

People will always remember the blatant cheating, but I'd like to think he's left some sort of legacy at Chelsea which is highlighted by their lust to sign a big man with similar charactistics to himself up front (Lukaku, Costa, Morata etc) and arguably have never found that long term fix.

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2 hours ago, The Palace Fan said:

and after his first two seasons I questioned if he was ever going to be worth how much they paid for him

True that... I had the same doubts as well, he had all the ball control of a new born baby gazelle when he first started playing for us, he was clumsy, lacked a decent first touch but what a player he grew into.. worth every single penny, shows that sometimes a little bit of patience is required if you have all the potential at hand rather than giving up on someone who literally just had to find his feet in the league.. 

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