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    People who post stuff about how they're being treated on a forum, disadvantages on an online forum, their cliques or whatever, seriously need to get at least some kind of real life. If you go out and meet people in real life, or maybe just take a walk and get some fresh air, you'll realize how trivial and unimportant your "online life" is. Sure you make buddies along the way if you post on the same site, but some of the stuff that has been going on here is just sad and cringy. And it appears that some see their forums as the only thing that matters in their life.
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    I can't actually remember now, but it was something to do with me dissing Aussies on the forum. I've been threatened by Americans for the same reason. One even sent me a picture of him with his handgun. I think his name was Tommy and he supported Real Madrid.
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    Rafa absolutely shit himself as well if I remember correctly and stopped going to the pub for months in case he turned up...
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    I met my now wife of 45 years coming up in Dortmund, Germany 1974 in a German military hospital in Hamer after I had an accident...I fell off a flag-pole when I was pissed as a newt. Our regiment had just got back from a 5-month tour of duty in Northern Ireland and when we landed back in Germany we handed our kit in and hit Dortmund pubs like nothing on earth after not being able to drink for 5 months on combat duty, on this particular night me and my mate were pissed and staggered back into camp and he bet me I couldn't climb our battery flag-pole which I did, but... The top of a flag-pole tapers off and when I got to the top and waved to him my weight made the flag-pole bend and snapped and I ended up smashing into the parade ground below and I ended up in the military hospital for six months with a fractured skull, a fractured jaw in 3 places, broke my right wrist and left ankle and burst the blood vessels in my eyes, oh and I lost 3 of my bottom teeth that burst through my lower lip. The good thing is we (wife) are still together with a son & daughter who have given us 3 lovely grandsons, life can be a bitch but as long as you can survive in love and marriage then put the fucking flagpoles out.
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    It almost feels out of place given the posts this precedes but I proposed to my partner tonight. After she asked whether I was being serious or not, she said yes. With my divorce to my ex being finalised and a daughter with my current partner, it kinda felt the right time.
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    Imagine living there and having your very own Joi And if it was a series, then there is no better place than
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    Pretty sure a member from the old TFF called Pornea said he'll go up to Newcastle and do @Rafa Beneathus in.
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    Was that before or after seeing his picture??
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    That's another city record @Happy Blue the only team do that 😉
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    I forgot what topic I was in and thought this was some zoomed in picture of some wispy hair
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    Following this old man's crash, police have found the cause of the accident
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    Alright Crew... This is acting captain Mulder requesting everyone to the Command Deck... @nudge @CaaC - John @Mel81x @Azeem I would like to introduce our newest crew member @Rucksackfranzose Wall-E And of course our other 2 Robot companions R2 and Robbie First order of business is selecting a Captain... I am out and so is Nudge so we could either leave it to Robbie or select Ellen ( Mel81x ) as she/he ( does it really matter?? ) has shown that they are also a competent flight officer.. Previous experience on The Nostromo is a clincher for me.. Also on the Agenda, If we are happy with our ship it's called the 'Arcadia' the fact that we managed to rob this from another bunch of space pirates shows just how bad ass we are.. Happy to take alternative names though if any are forthcoming. Also, and I have given this some thought that our sudden descent into Piracy was quick, It seems we did not hesitate to stab good intentions in the back and leave them buried on an unexplored dead planet... However, to help us all sleep a little better at night can I suggest we form ourselves into the 'A-Team' of space piracy.. Travelling the far reaches of space kicking arse and helping out the down trodden, A bit like the The Rebel Alliance if you will, that way we get to still behave badly, blow shit up, shoot things and all feel like we have done the universe a big favour... We can of course rob all the decent technology and supplies we find along the way as this ship does not run on solar winds alone.. Lastly Wall-E needs to get into Nudges quarters and clean up all those empty bottles of booze as I don't fancy getting hit in the head with multiple glass bottles floating about if we should lose gravity at some point.. Any other business???
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    ASF is only harsh in mafia games, where he single-handedly wipes off half the townies.
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    Terrible ad. And questionable premise too.... Maybe you'd last longer in bed as a vegan because when you become a pale ass sickly looking S.o.b that gets puffed out after every 5 thrusts you'll call a time out on the loving to talk about your feelings, make hemp clothing and play hacky sack.
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    I remember posting on the old forum years ago about having a serious break up with the woman i'm with now. Well we obviously got back together and then the best day of my life 7/8 months ago when she gave birth to my daughter. We've been together since late 2013. Well..... we're potentially splitting up. I actually take the blame i think i've hurt her too much over the years with certain demons i've been facing in my head and being a closed book. I've been in denial about all sorts, pretending i've been okay when i haven't been. I've actually had counselling for the last few weeks and the woman thinks it links back to my Father dying. It feels so weird opening up and being honest about everything. However regarding my partner it's probably too late and too much has been done/said/happened. Mainly lies, i was lying to myself about all sorts and it became easy to lie to her. I love my partner and splitting up will be tough but the thing that i can't bare the thought of is not living with my daughter and spending every day with her and coming home from work to her etc. Tough times ahead. Word of advice people - when people who care about you ask you how you are, never pretend you're okay when you're not.
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    I think the bigger issue is the impression on young boys who are still learning to understand women and have their expectations formed.
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    Some of his misses have been so bad that I might be inclined to check out family and friends for suspicious betting patterns... At the end of the day he has had a decent run of game time to put things right and show he at least has the ability to be hitting the back of the net on a reasonably regular basis but even the dead simple ones he is bungling badly.. Not even on target with only the keeper to beat...
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